The group classes in gyms do not fail to gain followers. Group fitness classes are a much more enjoyable way to face the challenge of practicing sport regularly, since they create a group dynamic that favors attendance and the atmosphere is usually very good. However, if you are going to start a group fitness class, it is normal that you have doubts and nerves, so we are going to offer you a series of tips to survive your first group fitness class. Keep reading!

Recommendations for attending a group fitness class for the first time

Have you signed up for a group class to work your whole body in the gym? Do you want to be well prepared? Here are some recommendations that will come in handy so as not to hit the mark and enjoy it to the fullest:

1. Check the backpack before leaving home

Nothing will make a worse impression than forgetting your towel, water, or even your slippers at home. If you go to the gym regularly, you will have gotten used to putting everything you need in your backpack, but even so before leaving home we should check that we carry everything you need. When preparing the gym backpack, you should not forget:

  • clothes and slippers
  • towel for exercises
  • Water
  • towel to shower and clean clothes
  • locker key and padlock or, if there is a key in the gym, a coin to lock it
  • the membership card

2. Try to get to class on time

It’s always good to get to fitness class on time, but if it’s your first day, it’s even better. On the one hand, it gives us time to meet the session monitor and those who will be your classmates. They will surely offer you tips to follow the class and make the most of it.

On the other hand, it allows us to warm up well before class, and you can even do another activity prior to group training. Of course, you do not want to do more or you will arrive very tired to class.

3. Introduce yourself to the monitor

Arriving in advance allows us to approach the instructor and tell him that it is the first time you have attended the class, especially if you have joined the group on the fly. Good instructors will explain to you how the classes work, the different levels that there are, and they will suggest alternative exercises at times of maximum difficulty.

Don’t expect to focus 100% on you – that’s what personal trainers are for – but he will give you directions and the first few days he may pay you a little more attention. If you have any physical problems, tell them about it.

4. Heat well

Before starting to play sports, it is essential to warm up, and group fitness classes are no exception. You can ask the instructor if there will be warm-up exercises at the beginning of the session, but it never hurts to do a good warm-up beforehand to activate the body.

You are going to make a new effort, and you have to prepare. As we warm up before the session, we will stretch at the end to relax and minimize the effects of the dreaded soreness.

5. Pay attention to your body: don’t be afraid of failure

When we face a fitness class we are doing a series of movements that we are not used to. Therefore, we must know how to listen and interpret the warnings and signals that our body sends. Only you will know to what extent you can force, but since it is the first day you should not prove anything.

If you need to stop an exercise, if you cannot stretch as much as your peers or if you have to do the exercise with less weight, it is no drama. Little by little you will improve and learn the technique.

6. Congratulations: you’ve made it through the first day!

Don’t be frustrated if you think you are not achieving the level or have not met unrealistic goals. Just going to fitness class is reason enough to rejoice, so set realistic goals before you start class?

If you still have doubts, you can discuss it with the monitor -you may be in a class above or below your level- or with the rest of your classmates. You sure aren’t the first person to end their first group fitness class with a bittersweet feeling.