Have you ever imagined yourself in a military camp? It is not necessary to prepare to fight at the front, you can experience that sensation with a new fashion, which has been in the United States for years and is now booming in our country, it is about signing up for a Boot Camp , a training that ensures that you will get in shape in no time.

Surely many times you have started to play sports and you have felt good. However, the attraction of the sofa has been more powerful with you and you have lost your rhythm in no time. Physical exercise suits you, but you feel lazy. Ultimately, you have no discipline. Thus arises the Boot Camp, a training that works not only your physical form, but also your discipline. And in the purest military style.

Everything you need to know about Boot Camp training

It is a tough and demanding training, and surely if you decide to join a camp of this type you will do more than break a sweat, and even so, it has many followers and many people who are eager to enter this camp. The reason we find it in its many benefits, today we tell you some of them and we tell you some tips to start training in a Boot Camp:

A fast and effective way to lose weight

This is not exactly the main objective of the Boot Camp, but if you want to lose weight, assume that if you sign up for this training you will achieve it, as long as you have the supervision of a qualified personal trainer or monitor and are constant in the sessions. And, in one session we can lose up to 1,500 calories, something that is most attractive if your goal is to lose weight.

A complete exercise

A session of this type of training works different areas of the body in different ways, which makes it an ideal complement to a healthy diet to have iron health and incredible physical shape. In the Boot Camp aerobic and anaerobic exercises are combined, since they include jumping, strength exercises, boxing, running or climbing.

Improve your heart health

What organ is more precious in our body than the heart? Being a high intensity interval training, the heart works hard which makes it stronger. So, if you notice that after a Boot Camp you face you’re day to day in a more energetic way, it is that your heart is healthier, and that is why you feel better.

Win in emotional health

In this type of training we are put to the test, we are pushed to the limit and a lot is demanded of us. That makes the person in question take all his resources and see how far he is capable of going, which is usually much more than he thinks. This makes, by being in one of these camps, we feel better about ourselves, satisfied and with more self-esteem. Without a doubt, an adrenaline rush that will be great for us.

Important: not suitable for everyone

While it is true that the results of the Boot Camps without incredible, it is also true that anyone cannot attend these workouts. The fact is that it is a high intensity sport, so you have to have a certain physical shape to hold the rhythm and be constant.

If you have heart disease, it is best to look for another less aggressive activity, as this organ is exposed to high activity and could be damaged if it is not in perfect condition. Likewise, if you have another type of chronic illness, we also recommend that you consult with your doctor before joining the camp.