Surpassing yourself with each new sporting challenge is something you must do for yourself, but there is no doubt that training in a group can bring you great benefits. Weigh the many advantages of exercising in company and take them into account before deciding how you want to plan your workouts.

It is a personal choice. Some people prefer to train alone, at their own pace and following their own training plan, but we must not forget that there is also the possibility of doing it with more people and group training is an alternative offering advantages that should always be valued.

Participating in group classes , for example, spinning , doing a circuit in the gym with “fatigue” colleagues, signing up for a cross fit session , or going out for a run with other runners with whom you share a hobby and a similar level, are excellent Proposals with which you can see the benefits of training in a group .

Why sign up for a collective training?

Playing sports with other people with goals similar to yours can help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Among the benefits of group training should be noted:

1. Motivation

It is a basic ingredient when facing any sporting challenge and managing to maintain the essential constancy. The group can become your best ally so that your motivation does not decline in moments of weakness. Seeing how others are progressing will encourage you to be convinced that you can too.

2. Commitment

It is part of your own motivation. If you have arranged to go out for a run accompanied two mornings a week or if you have signed up for a collective aerobics class and the others are counting on you to carry it out, you will not want to “fail” your companions and this thought will help you win. Laziness when you need an extra push to put on your running shoes or to go to the gym.

3. Healthy competitiveness

For many it is the great advantage of training in a group. Even if you are not preparing a specific test, the fact of being able to compete with other people who practice the same sports discipline will always be a good incentive. A short race with your running group or a timed circuit training in the gym, are tests that will force you to give your best to try to get in a good position and, in addition, they will help you measure your progress objectively having consider the aspects that you could improve.

4. Support

How many times would you have liked to ask someone at the gym about any questions about a specific exercise, about the best hypo caloric diet or about the shoes with better cushioning? … Training in a group the possibilities of being able to share doubts and experiences, being able to give and receive tips multiply.

5. Security

Especially if you start in certain activities, you may feel more secure and confident if you practice them in the company of other people. For example, if you want to go jogging or riding a bike on mountain trails, doing it in a group is always recommended in the event of possible setbacks.

6. Fun

training group on many occasions also becomes a group that, little by little, shares more than just sports interests. Going together to events and competitions that may interest you, doing other activities and outings that you can propose, or simply having a drink after training is also an advantage to take into account when deciding to train in a group.

As you can see, sharing your workouts with other people can be an interesting option, which provides you with multiple advantages and does not prevent, at all, from maintaining your own personal challenges. Of course, as advice, try to join a group with which you have a similar level so that motivation and healthy competitiveness are basic ingredients in a relationship that benefits all of you.