Have you ever heard of thermotherapy? It is a type of preventive treatment that is based on the application of heat, so that the body and muscles warm up much faster and we avoid the appearance of physical and muscular problems as a result of sports practice. The famous electric mats do not serve us for this purpose, since obviously they cannot be used in training; but we have options as interesting as heat adhesive patches for training.

What do heat patches bring?

Heat is a vasodilator, which dilates veins and arteries, facilitating blood circulation, which helps us raise the temperature. This dilating effect also acts as an analgesic and muscle relaxant, helping us to cope with the pain that often appears with physical exercise. It should be noted that adhesive heat patches are a more than interesting product for amateur athletes, who do not have the means of a professional to deal with these types of problems.

They are very useful both at specific times and for chronic problems such as arthritis or menstrual pain, which the heat helps us to alleviate. Beyond muscle, joint and chronic pain, the application of heat is also a good remedy to combat fatigue or deal with muscle tension, sprains or strains. Due to its preventive nature, you can put on the patch before doing sports if you know that after doing certain exercises pain appears, so that we avoid its appearance.

We cannot ignore that the body changes in temperature according to certain factors, but the use of heat patches allows us to maintain body temperature, something very interesting especially while we sleep. In this way we avoid waking up with those morning pains that bother us so much. In this regulatory sense, in summer they also help us to combat the effects of air conditioning, the culprit of muscle contractures and discomfort that usually appear in the hottest months of the year.

Where to buy heat patches

It is very easy to find heat patches on the Internet, but the online purchase of these products should only be done in places of special trust such as Shop Pharmacia, which guarantees us some adhesive heat patches of the highest quality and at a price with which no one can fight. If you decide to buy them in other sites that are not trusted, you risk receiving patches that do not work, of poor quality or that may even be harmful, something that will not happen if you buy at Shop Pharmacy.

How to use heat patches

Adhesive heat patches work like any other dressing. You have to apply them on the painful area, sticking it on the skin. It must be dry, and it must not present injuries such as wounds, cuts, eczema, etc. To apply it, simply peel off the dressing cover and stick the adhesive side of the patch on the skin. You must keep the patch for a minimum of 4 hours on the painful area, removing it at most 8 hours after its application.

To remove it, simply peel off a corner of the dressing and lift it gently so as not to hurt yourself. We should not use more than one patch a day, although if necessary we can apply the next patch 12 hours after removing the previous one. There is always the possibility that you do not start to feel the heat when you apply it, but that the effect takes about 20 or 30 minutes to feel. It is completely normal, you do not have to worry. As you feel the heat, you will notice how that pain improves.