Have you ever, when listening to music of this style, have you “come up” and started to imitate the movements of the group’s drummer with your hands? Well, without realizing it, you are practicing a complete training of the upper body muscles. But Pound Fitness is so much more.

It is an innovative form of Fitness, from the United States, which has been gaining followers among those who seek a different, super dynamic and effective training and who, in addition, enjoy the powerful and motivating sound of rock.

What is a Pound Fitness session?

The Pound Fitness is an intense workout, with the whole body working to the rhythm of rock and varied exercises. It is above all a cardio session, which lasts approximately 45 minutes and in which multi-joint exercises are followed, which work all the muscles and isometrics, combined with Pilate’s movements and yoga postures. In addition, the Pound Fitness has another peculiarity. It is practiced using as a complement the rip sticks, a type of drumsticks, similar to those used to hit (pound) the drums, but that have a significantly higher weight so that, in each movement, your arms work thoroughly.

Although Pound Fitness sessions can be adapted to different levels, carrying them out requires minimal physical fitness, because it is a demanding workout. During class, it is the rock music that marks the times of the exercise (here the number of repetitions does not have to be counted) and each movement is accompanied by “hits” with the rip stick, in the air, on the ground or a drumstick against the other.

Jumps, twists, squats, lunges, leg and arm extensions, chest opening, hip lift, sit-ups, trunk flexion … each session is different, always enjoyable, and is designed to work hard: gluts, legs, trunk, and so on. Course arms, chest and back.

All the benefits of Pound Fitness

If you want to improve, in a very short time, your general physical shape and also feel, for a few minutes, like the drummer of the Rolling, you will like Pound Fitness. There are many benefits of this way of exercising, both physically and mentally.

  • It is a cardio training that involves a high consumption of energy. It is estimated that in a session of medium-high intensity you can get rid of between 600 and 900 Kcal.
  • The whole of the muscles is worked while increasing strength and endurance. It is a complete and global training.
  • It is perfect to achieve not only strengthen the core, but an enviable flat stomach and firm buttocks.
  • A session of Pound Fitness significantly improves other aspects such as coordination of movements, mental concentration and agility.
  • The strong and constant hitting with the rip stick is ​​an extra exercise that completes and intensifies the effectiveness of any other exercise that is performed. It is also an excellent way to “discharge” all your energy, eliminating tensions to the rhythm of rock & roll.
  • Its good results are appreciated after a few weeks, with an improvement in cardiovascular capacity, an evident loss of accumulated fat and a more defined muscle.

Still do not know the most “powerful” training method in the entire gym? Well, try a group Pound Fitness class and you will see that burning calories and toning your muscles on drums is an excellent idea to gain physical shape, release stress and have a good time exercising. Ready?

As you can see, there are many advantages that are making Pound Fitness gain a presence in gyms. To all of them we must add that it is very fun and that it makes you do a hard exercise almost without realizing it, yes, the stiffness after the first sessions, will remind you that you have not been in concert, but practicing sports.