Burn fat, lose weight, and be in shape … everything happens in the same place, physical exercise. And it is that, for those who want to stay on their weight or who want to lose fat in an effective way, there is no better remedy than to launch into the world of sports. But as in everything, there are some more effective options than others. Today we will talk about the HIIW, a training with which you can lose weight. Keep reading!

If you are looking for a way to burn fat quickly, you can surely get to HIIT. It is a high intensity training, which makes everything that is left over from your body is eliminated quickly. What happens is that, it is not suitable for all types of audiences, since, being an advanced training, it can make it not achievable for beginners or for people who are overweight. So to start we can try the HIIW. Discover its characteristics and the advantages of practicing it, below. Try kettlebell training Train With A Kettlebell

What is the HIIW?

Don’t let its name fool you, because it is actually a very simple workout. Its acronym stands for High Intensity Interval Walking, that is, what you do is walk at high intensity intervals. Therefore, it is something that we can all do, and not only that, but we can also do it anywhere. We just need some sneakers, and we jump into action.

If you are going to start this training, remember that the key is to change the rhythm. We do not have to do a continuous run at moderate intensity, but we must intersperse high intensity intervals, in which we exceed 70% of our heart rate, with others of low intensity, but in which we do not stop walking.

And if you have been using this method for a long time, remember that you can vary the intervals. For example, if you have just started HIIW and are not used to doing sports, you can walk for a minute and recover in 3. However, when you have been in for a while, you can walk 5 minutes at a fast speed and use one minute for your Recovery. In this way, we will progress in training.

Discover the advantages of practicing HIIW

Exercising always has its advantages, but finding the most suitable training routine for you is something that is as flattering as it is satisfying. If you have tried to play sports and it is always an ordeal for you and you do not notice that you are progressing, I assure you that you only need to find the right one for you. Trying the HIIW can help you in various facets of your life. Here are the advantages of this training:

For all audiences

As we have said, you do not need to be in shape to start practicing the HIIW, nor do you have to have a certain physical form or age. Anyone can venture into this workout, with the satisfaction of knowing that they are going to burn fat. Of course, each one at his own pace, alternating the intervals that suit him. Without going over but also without falling short.

Improves cardiovascular health

One of the advantages of this workout is that it provides benefits on cardiovascular health, something that is very necessary for some middle-aged adults. And, by practicing HIIW, we can reduce blood pressure, glucose or even bad cholesterol, which will improve our health considerably. On the other hand, it is also proven that this way of training can prevent the loss of muscle mass in the elderly. Also increase the strength of you glutes! check out this new working everyone is trying. Workout for your glutes

Loss of fat

Walking has always been an effective method to lose weight, but by inserting the intensity peaks, it is possible to mobilize fats so that the loss is more effective. Furthermore, by practicing HIWW for 30 minutes, we can obtain the same results as if we walked at a moderate pace for 1 hour.