They cannot replace the role that a personal trainer or professional monitor performs but, without a doubt, they are an excellent tool that can help you get in shape, take care of your health and progress in the sport you practice. If you are thinking of installing a personal training app on your mobile device, take a look at some of the best rated ones.

The use of personal training mobile applications has spread in recent years because these apps are very useful when scheduling a workout, learning about new exercises, preparing a healthy diet or planning a morning of running. Its functions are multiple and you have them with practical and varied options capable of satisfying the preferences and needs of different users.

When choosing yours, take into account some basic aspects, such as whether it is compatible with your mobile operating system, whether the download is free or involves a cost, whether it offers an easy-to-use interface and, above all, whether the information and functions it includes are what will really help you achieve your goals.

5 of the top rated personal training apps

There is an immense variety of apps designed for exercising, so it is difficult to make a selection, but among the most popular, which could be interesting depending on your sport and your goals, are the following:


It is one of the personal training apps that especially triumphs among runners, although it is also valid for perfect monitoring in other aerobic activities such as cycling or hiking. Planning your routes, measuring your running speed or knowing the calories burned in each workout are some of the possibilities of this application that also offers its “Premium” option to have access to personalized training plans.


Compatible with Ios and Android, this application is one of the most popular for the variety of exercises it contains, very easy to follow, as if you really had an expert trainer by your side. It includes 4 types of routines: strength, aerobic, stretching and also for a complete yoga session at home. It has hundreds of explanatory videos of each exercise and, to plan your training, you can select the part of your body that you want to work by programming the time that the session will last.


It is one of the most used personal training apps due to its great versatility and ease of use. It is valid for almost any sport, from hiking to swimming and allows exhaustive monitoring of each variable involved in a workout: speed, heart rate, distances traveled, energy consumption … The application collects and saves information about your sessions for that you can check your progress and also, you can share your impressions with other athletes through social networks.

Workout Trainer

Of the most downloaded on Google Play, this application, developed by Skimble, is one of the most complete both for training at home and in the gym. You have exercises of all kinds to easily create your own routines. Specific programs to lose weight, develop muscles, tone the core, do a HIIT workout or one following the Tabata method to lose weight. This personal training app contains hundreds of exercises explained in detail and if you want, you can also receive specific instructions from your “trainer” through voice messages. Some of its programs and content are paid.

Jefit Workout

More than 1,000 exercises, with explanations and animations so that you can learn to do them correctly, is one of the attractions of this personal training app that is used by thousands of people with a very positive evaluation. It includes a calendar, so you can plan your weekly workouts, and collect information about your work in the gym: series, repetitions, and weight you use …  Creating personalized routines and keeping track of the right diet for sport is simple with this complete application.