It is increasingly common to see how the electric bicycle or assisted pedaling travels mountains, roads or cycle lanes in large cities. And it is that these types of bicycles provide the user with great advantages and benefits.

Would you like to make these Kings a good gift? It is time to jump into the world of the electric bicycle. But, first, do not forget to find the best prices so that your purchase is a success. In this sense, will help you find the best option.

3 things to consider when choosing an electric bike

The electric bicycle has an appearance very similar to that of a conventional bicycle. However, the electric is designed to house additional electrical equipment consisting of a motor, a rechargeable battery, a controller, a pedaling sensor, a brake button, and an indicator. All this to take you to the places you want, eliminating the effort of pedaling.

As it is a different device from the conventional pedal bike that is used, for example, for cycling . Therefore, you must take into account several aspects before buying an electric bicycle. We summarize the main aspects below:

1. Check that it complies with the regulations of the electric bicycle

To properly comply with current regulations, electric bicycles must respect a series of basic aspects. On the one hand, assistance, which must be carried out only and exclusively as a complement to pedaling. In this sense, the assistance must be cut off when 25 kilometers per hour are reached and, as for the motor, it must have a maximum thrust of 250 watts, according to current legal regulations.

2. Take into account the type of battery

The battery is one of the essential parts of the electric bicycle because this is where all the energy is stored. Therefore, this directly affects the autonomy of the bicycle itself.

When you go to buy your electric bike you will check that the energy on board is expressed in Wh (watts / hour), the amperage in (Ah) and the voltage (V). You must bear in mind that the more energy on board you have, the more autonomy the electric bike will have.

Regarding the battery, you should also keep in mind that there are two types: lithium and lead. Each one of them brings different advantages to the user of the electric bicycle.

Lead batteries:

The lead – acid batteries, as well as offering excellent value for money, are much more resistant to shocks than lithium batteries. An aspect to take into account when it comes to an electric bicycle. Also, lead batteries are self-discharging.

However, these batteries have a less long half – life than lithium batteries, lasting between 200 and 300 cycles between loading and unloading, while lithium reach discharge themselves up to five times less than batteries lead.

Lithium batteries:

The lithium batteries also provide significant advantages to the user of the electric bicycle. The main advantage is that this type of battery is up to three times lighter than lead, so the overall weight of the electric bike is lightened with a lithium battery.

But in addition, the lithium battery has much more autonomy than the lead one, as it can have a life twice as long as the lead one, offering between 500 and 600 charge and discharge cycles.

3. Weight of the electric bike

Electric bicycles weigh more than conventional bicycles due to the equipment they incorporate. However, you should keep in mind that standard conventional bikes weigh around 20 kilos, and that an electric bike should weigh around eight kilos more than the conventional bike.

The electric bicycle is very useful and practical to use in your day to day. It is sure to become your preferred means of transport!