The world of directed activities and disciplines never stops updating. One of the last most original activities to stay in shape and of increasing popularity in Spain are the training sessions with Kangoo Jumps. These sessions are based on the use of low impact boots to do classes based on jumping and bouncing, which are especially fun and useful when it comes to releasing endorphins and eliminating stress while doing sports . We tell you more!

Kangoo Jumps boots

At first glance they look like ski boots or skates, but with a peculiar absorption system under them. These boots have existed for a long time, but it is now that they have arrived with force in our country.

Kangoo Jumps boots were designed for the recovery of people with damaged knee ligaments, hence its design, which absorbs 80% of the impact of jumps and steps. However, as is so often the case, another utility was soon found for them. And it is that an athlete without injuries has many advantages to obtain from a Kangoo Jumps session.

As you may have imagined, boots are necessary to enjoy these classes. There are all kinds of sizes and resistances, which must be adjusted to the height and weight of each person, as well as their level. Don’t be afraid to wear these boots, because although their look may be a bit impressive, running or jumping in them is actually safer.

Jump to get fit!

Everyone likes to jump. It is difficult to see children who do not enjoy playing jump, and many of them do it when they are happy for the simple pleasure of taking their feet off the ground. The Kangoo Jumps come to remind us adults how fun jumping and bouncing is, and they also do it by protecting our body and joints from impacts.

One of the main reasons why this activity is quickly gaining momentum is simply that: it is a very fun low-impact sport . And the power of having fun should not be underestimated. These types of sessions help eliminate stress or anxiety by playing sports and recharge your batteries while exercising. It is pure therapy!

Training with the Kangoo Jumps

The training sessions with these boots consist of classes directed with music that seeks to work with jumping and bouncing movements. In the most basic sessions, the aim is to make the participant enjoy the rhythm of the music. The shock absorption system allows you to work the entire lower body with exercises that could otherwise be harmful to the ankles or knees. Thus, we can focus only on sweating and having fun.

More advanced sessions can incorporate other types of exercises or circuits, since, in reality, this equipment is compatible with practically any type of exercise, especially once it has been mastered.

Adaptations of Zumba classes, aero boxing or high intensity HIIT circuits. All are feasible possibilities thanks to the joint protection that the boots provide, which are also enriched by the simple and natural pleasure that results from the simple act of jumping and bouncing.

Benefits of Kangoo Jumps

Its two main benefits have already been mentioned several times:

  1. The elimination of impact: especially important both for the prevention of injuries and for the work of recovering them , as was the original intention of the boots. Adapted workouts with Kangoo Jumps promote faster recovery from some types of knee injuries.
  2. The sense of joy they bring: it is that sense of fun and joy, it should never be underestimated. A good shot of endorphins to the rhythm of music can be the best remedy against well-known ills such as stress and anxiety.

In addition, these sessions provide all the benefits of any aerobic activity session, such as weight loss , improvement of the cardiovascular system, gain in muscle tone and strengthening of bones. All advantages!

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