To have an optimal performance on paddle tennis, we need to be comfortable, and for this it is essential to choose a good shoe. Nothing more unpleasant than having pain in the sole or toe of the foot in the middle of a game, perhaps due to the poor cushioning or balance of the shoe we are using.

Therefore, if you are a player who takes care of the details of his performance, you will have to take the time to choose the most suitable shoes for this sport. In this article we will tell you the characteristics that a good shoe should have and we will recommend the ones that bring the best support technology for this season.

So, what characteristics should a good paddle shoe have? Well, mainly they must be resistant, flexible and comfortable. That they have stability, cushioning and resistance, is also a plus point to choose from.

Of course, it should not be overlooked that the best shoes will always be those that help you prevent injuries. You will also have to take the price into account, so if you are looking for a direct recommendation, buy Asics paddle shoes at the best price, because, in addition to their good cost, they are the ones that handle the most innovative technology on the market.

Details of a good shoe

The most important thing when choosing a good shoe is that they are comfortable, and that they allow you to perform the necessary movements to play this sport. The soles have to grip the court when you start, slide when you reach for the ball, and allow for easy turns.

The shoes must also hold the foot correctly in each movement. This particularity of grip will give security to your foot and avoid injuries, so it is always recommended that the sole have relief, either dotted, striped or mixed.

You will also have to consider that the shoes you choose are resistant and last over time, so that your investment is worth it. In addition to this, you will have to give them good maintenance after each game.

Functions that paddle footwear fulfills

Securing the foot is essential, as this way you will have it well restrained when running and jumping, without fear of slipping in any movement and avoiding serious ankle injuries.

The cushioning, for its part, is totally necessary, taking into account the jumps and sudden blows that the player is forced to perform throughout a match. Therefore, it is good that the shoe has a good air chamber in the heel, which will serve to absorb possible blows.

To be sure that our foot will not twist at the slightest movement, we must choose a stable shoe, considering that currently the vast majority of paddle tennis courts are made of artificial grass, which can be very slippery, especially if it rains or is wet. .

And in the case of rain, the shoes have to help you keep your feet dry, because otherwise it could be very harmful. Thus, the shoes that we purchase should be waterproof, while allowing proper perspiration of the foot.