It is fascinating how the fitness industry advances every day. Marketing or real profit? Be that as it may, TRX straps are used in 85% of training centers, both low-cost and premium. For something will be right? They are classified as suspension exercises (TRX training ). That is to say, the own body weight is suspended by means of manual grips or pedals by the handles of said accessory, which is nailed at its most distal end, to a ceiling grip or metal bar.

Randy Hetrick, a former member of the US Marine Corps, seeing that in official missions they did not have training machinery, proceeded to use the ropes of his parachute in a rudimentary way with elastic bands, to carry out exercises without the need for difficult external loads to transport from one place to another, since the external load was the own body weight. Today, Randy is the founder of Fitness Anywhere. The most curious thing of all is that, although it was invented in the 90s, it did not begin to be commercialized until more than 10 years later.

These are the benefits of training with suspension straps

Each and every one of us has our fears when starting out in fitness. Heavy loads are not overwhelming, seeing people with slim bodies make us feel out of place. However, suspension is a very useful functional activity to start with physical and aesthetic improvements. Let’s see what benefits it entails:

1. Global work

The functional training is very fashionable at the not have a harmful impact on our compendium: bone-ligament-muscle-tendon. Therefore, by working on exercises that involve the whole body in a global way, we achieve great dynamism for real life, where analytical exercises on strength machines do not have as much positive transfer.

2. Each athlete chooses his load

Depending on the angle in which the user is positioned when suspended. The external load will be greater, due to principles of physics and angular geometry. That is, the more vertical our body is, the impact will be very soft. But, if we position ourselves horizontally, the load can have a greater impact.

3. Increase all qualities without risk

With this activity depending on the volume, intensity, speed of execution or recovery time between series, we will be able to improve all our qualities:

  • Force by contracting our muscles;
  • Flexibility when performing movements to the maximum range of motion, or,
  • Resistance when applying one exercise after another with short breaks.

4. Can be programmed with interval circuit

This aspect is very interesting, whether it is a circuit with the device itself exclusively, or concatenated with other accessories. Remember, the more resources the better.

5. Improve coordination

TRX is not a guided accessory like stationary pulleys or analytical machines. In TRX we must create a fluid and ‘clean’ movement without a guide that gives us support, so at first you will feel a mismatch. But, once on the right track, you will enjoy exercises with magnificent postural hygiene, with high positive repercussions on your day-to-day actions.

6. It only takes four square meters to apply

It’s great to be able to practice any exercise at home. The TRX can be suspended from a door frame or ceiling, an ideal option for those who do not have the budget to pay a fee in a gym or due to lack of time. In addition, it is increasingly common to see this accessory in group workouts outdoors .

7. Decreases the risk of injury

As we mentioned, the charges are established by each one. Therefore, the rate of injury in TRX performed with common sense is very low, compared to other activities such as ‘ Cross fit ‘ or ‘Bodybuilding’.

8. Optimal supplement for bodybuilding

If we add a strength training to the practice of TRX, softening later and with an adequate rest period towards suspension, you will work all the muscle fibers and metabolic processes, going from force with load, to functional suspension, and transferring said union to a physically fulfilling real life.

Stop getting used to simplicity. Feel the pleasure of overcoming the fear of being suspended. Once you master it, you will be captivated with this activity. You only need two aspects: courage and perseverance. TRY THE MINI BAND WORKOUT