Regarding the field of training and leisure, there are more and more mechanisms that intermingle the practice of physical activity with virtual mechanisms, which take us to an unreal environment, where we apply movements depending on the characteristics of said virtual universe. We are talking, for example, about virtual reality (VR) glasses, which can be an ideal motivation for those moments when you don’t feel like training . Keep reading to know more!

What are VR glasses?

In the current market, we can find different models of virtual reality glasses from different technology companies. Through its facial positioning for the user’s ocular activity, the user will be able to perceive a world different from the real one, be it a futuristic fantasy environment or reproductions of real places in the world we know.

The virtual user can see their hands act in said imaginary environment, not only to play specifically the type of game itself, but also to apply a certain physical intensity, and, in turn, train.

VR glasses game models for training

Every day there is a greater diversity in them, for example: BOX VR allows us to practice boxing by hitting figures that approach the practitioner at an adjustable speed depending on the level we establish.

Another option is Light Blade Vr, in which the figures mentioned above are cut with a light saber, imitating the martial practices of a Jedi or Seth knight from Star Wars.

For those who are looking for less intense, lighter emotions, there are virtual games in which you paddle through a canoe in a heavenly environment enlivened with music and decoration that takes practitioners to wonderful environments.

The current market also offers us the ICAROS program, in which we not only visualize a unique environment through our glasses. Its actual implemented platform allows us to fly as a one-man jet working the Core and its related qualities to achieve greater stability control.

With ‘Cyberith visualizer’ in addition, we implement a parallel equipment in terms of operation to the virtual glasses, with it, we can move in a standing position through the virtual world, and even run while performing acts with physical commitment.

And this is just the beginning. The digital age is getting closer and closer and will bring changes that will change the history of training and its conception.

Benefits of training with Virtual Reality glasses

Every change has consequences, but Considering the level of sedentary lifestyle and obesity worldwide in contemporary times, VR training may be a solution for those people who prefer to be at home.

1. Promote sports among young ‘video gamers’

Many young people are putting aside their health , for the fact of staying at home playing the video game console or PC. VR physical training is a great solution for these young people to improve their physical health, without neglecting their hobbies.

2. You don’t need a large space

You only need a room at home, nothing more. You will not have to pay fees to fitness centers for years. Just put on the glasses and enjoy an idyllic and exciting world.

3.  From home

Imagine that the weather is bad and you don’t feel like going for a run, with the aforementioned virtual training mechanisms, you will be able to carry out activities without leaving your home.

4. Its not just training, it’s playing

This aspect is very important, many people are not attracted to training, but if the playful aspect is instilled in them, things change. Hundreds of people who hated lifting a load or running, once they have known exercises or funny situations from professionals, have begun to love training.

5. You can play with friends ‘on the other side of the map’

Imagine that your childhood friend works in another country, and once practiced martial arts together. Through VR glasses and internet connection, you can re-experience these practices and maintain this affective-friendly bond.

VR in professional athletes

To finish, we are going to show a brushstroke of how to apply VR to high-level athletes. In this field it is not usually used as training, since nowadays it is not specific to the actual modality that is practiced.

However, in order to improve reaction times to various stimuli or double tasks, which will make the subject perform mental processes at a higher speed, and will move to the sport in question.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new methods. Embrace all that today’s technology has to offer, as long as it is put to good use.