Why not take advantage of your walks to lose a lot of calories while you walk? The pace of walking, the difficulty of the route, the stride, the time spent it all adds up. Discover the keys that will make your walks an authentic training of the most complete.

Walking, whatever the way it may be, is an always healthy exercise that strengthens the muscles, especially the lower body and core, and also makes us feel more agile and vital while helping us stay at the ideal weight. Doctors do not hesitate to “prescribe” walking at least one hour a day as an excellent preventive measure against multiple ailments, from circulatory or cardiovascular problems, to the dreaded obesity.

It is clear that walking is an ideal sport  but if you do it at a good pace, combining your steps with other simple movements, it can become a great sport , especially if you sign up for this weekly workout to eliminate more calories by walking . The results will surprise you.

How to train by walking to burn more calories

Get used to walking for at least 45 minutes a day because, once you have acquired this habit, your body will notice the beneficial effects of exercise in a very short time. In addition, you can go from walking to running if you put your mind to it and get fit in no time.

When the time comes, put into practice the weekly plan that we propose to get rid of more calories at each step. It is simple, very varied, for you to exercise and strengthen not only your legs but your entire body and, most importantly, super effective! Remember to follow the instructions of your personal trainer and always take into account the limitations of your body before starting this weekly training:


Start the week wasting energy and take the opportunity to combine walking with some exercises designed to work the upper body. Plan to walk between 45 minutes and an hour (depending on your physical condition), interspersing, approximately every 10 minutes, 1-2 sets of 8-10 repetitions of the following exercises:

  • Squat. You can do them according to the traditional method or with a dumbbell in each hand to further tone biceps and triceps, watch out! Without abusing the weight.
  • Rotation of arms. Very easy. Stop walking for a few minutes while standing, arms outstretched parallel to the ground, and you describe back and forth circles with them. Try doing the exercise alternating one set with the palms down and another with the palms up.
  • Abs. Do the most basic ones, that is, those that consist of lying on your back and raising your trunk trying to bring your chest closer to your knees. Including this exercise in your weekly training to burn a lot of calories while walking means strengthening the muscles of the trunk, something that will help you walk more and better.


Focus solely on gaining endurance when walking. To achieve this, walk 45 minutes, in one go or in several sessions, but do it at a brisk pace, not on a walk.


For the third day, we suggest you walk following the “Burn and Firm” method created by the trainer and fitness expert Malign Swenson. The idea is to burn a lot of calories and firm at the same time. To do this, the fast-paced walk is combined with a few minutes in which you will change your footprint. These changes are what make your energy expenditure increase and you can eliminate more calories by walking. You will have to include:

  • Steps supporting only the heel
  • Tiptoe steps
  • Steps with raised knees.
  • Striding steps
  • Steps crossing the legs (hands on the waist)

It is about, after a few minutes of warm-up, start walking at a light pace. Every five minutes, change and do one of these curious steps for a minute. It is fun and you’ll eliminate more calories by walking in no time.


We reached this point in the weekly training, we repeated the training on Tuesday. 45 minutes walking at a fast pace, as long as our conditions allow it.


Give your body a break.


We repeat Wednesday’s plan with which to eliminate calories and also especially tone the muscles of the lower body.


Quiet day, rest, but if you are in shape, take a walk at a gentle pace. It will be great to start the week.