The human being is made to move, and yet our society is increasingly sedentary. A way of life more vague than usual is promoted, with hundreds of inventions so that we do not have to take a step. Stress and work take over us, and since we don’t have time we don’t lift a finger. But we forget that with a little exercise, many of our problems would be solved.

Not surprisingly, in this scenario, new disciplines that allow people who have less time, earn some emerging health physical and mental exercises to your height and pace. One of these disciplines is CBT training, and it has such good results that it has quickly become fashionable.

What is TBC?

The TBC responds to the acronym for Total Body Conditioning, which translates as total body conditioning. It is based on the combination of different exercises that work all areas of the body using different elements to help us, such as steps, bars or dumbbells. It is a discipline similar to the body pump that works practically all the muscles of the body.

Normally when we want to lose weight, burn fat and tone our body, we have the problem of getting stuck in an exercise. It may work for us at first, but over time it won’t do any good. The TBC is designed to avoid precisely this point. It is a training that combines different types of exercises, so that fat burning is more effective.

In addition, another of the characteristics of the TBC that make this option so attractive refers to the time we need to do it, and that is, each session will only take you half an hour of your time. In this way we have a complete exercise in a short time and with fat burning and stress reduction results. Features that appeal too many.

Before starting with the TBC training, you should know that, since it is a variety of exercises, we can work the different parts of our body without an imbalance, which will allow us to develop the skills of our body in a fluid way and at the same time. . Thus, a Total Body Conditioning class is generally made up of the following parts:

  1. Aerobic warm-up: this warm-up that serves to prepare the muscles and joints for work and lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.
  2. Toning exercises for different parts of the body, either with one’s own body weight or with specific devices, such as bars, dumbbells, rubber bands, etc. It usually lasts 30-40 minutes.
  3. ABS.
  4. Stretches:  they aim to restore elasticity to the muscles and thus prevent cramps and injuries.

What are the benefits of TB training?

We have already talked about one of the main advantages of Total Body Conditioning, and that is that, by only lasting 30 minutes, it makes it very affordable for all those who are short of time. You may think that you don’t even have those 30 minutes a day, but we assure you that, you can save more time with stress relief than if you do not stop to exercise.

In the physical aspect we also win. The TBC allows us to burn fat quickly, which will make us get rid of those extra kilos that bother us so much. In addition, we will tone our body and we can improve coordination. Another aspect in which we will win is in flexibility, which will make us suffer less risk of injury.

For all these reasons, many people decide to introduce TB into their training routine. It is a way to reduce stress, feel better both physically and emotionally, and also perform better in our work. Of course, remember that it is necessary to rest well and eat a balanced diet so that exercise has the best effect.