Bosus, Kettebells or TRX straps are some accessories for functional training that can come in handy to get the most out of each of your sessions. Discover them and your training will be more varied and effective.

More and more people are signing up for functional training due to the variety of exercises it involves and the excellent results it provides when it comes to keeping you in top shape by toning all the muscles.

This type of training is based on simple movements, which are performed not only in sports activity but also in everyday life. With it, strength, power and endurance are worked on, but also other qualities that have practical applications in everyday life such as balance, coordination of movements and agility in general.

Functional training requires specific materials that add some difficulty to these movements, thus making muscles and joints work thoroughly. These are not machines that you can find in a gym, or too expensive elements, and yet their effectiveness is surprising when it comes to doing a multitude of exercises with maximum performance.

5 accessories that you can use in a functional training

Some will be new to you and others will be familiar to you, but they are all part of the material you need to do functional training. Choose those accessories with which you can achieve the best results!

Few such simple elements are as effective to work balance and strengthen the core. The bosus is a rubber half sphere, the size of a cushion, which, like a large ball split in half, has a flat face and a rounded face. With it you can do a wide variety of exercises, from standing on the flat part trying not to fall while doing knee raises, to sit-ups, sitting on the round part while raising your extended legs.

Kettle bell

This round weight with a handle at the top will help you increase the effort you make in each of your sessions. With the so-called kettle bells, you will gain strength and power in the muscular areas in which your work affects and, in addition, you will increase your caloric expenditure. If your goal is to burn calories and fat, include this accessory in your functional training. Try this kettle bell workout

TRX tapes

They are more fashionable than ever and are used to perform suspension exercises with the resistance of the tape and, also, your own body weight. The TRX is an elastic and resistant band that you can adjust in height. At each end, it has two handles so that you can pull it or place one or both feet as stirrups. In the center, it includes an anchor for you to fix it to the ceiling or wall. Suspension abs (with your feet on the handles and leaning only on the palms of your hands), plank, lunge with one leg in suspension, squat … endless exercises with an ideal material for a complete functional training.

Fit Ball (Swiss ball)

This large ball, which is also used in Pilate’s sessions, is ideal for training with the goal of toning all the muscles while minimizing any risk of injury. Fit ball training helps improve and control body posture, while increasing strength and agility. Push-ups, short sit-ups (placing your knees on the ball), pectorals (with your torso supported by it), pelvic and hip lifts … the options are as varied as they are effective.

Boxes and steps

Although they are less common accessories, also plyometric boxes (resistant boxes of various heights) as well as the well-known steps are good accessories that you can include in a functional training, especially if your goal is to increase the strength and power of the train’s muscles bottom. If the series of jumps are to be part of your sessions, these simple instruments will make you excel in each one of them.