More and more people are leading a healthy lifestyle. For this they decide to change their diet and exercise. When carrying out any type of sporting activity, it is essential to equip yourself appropriately.

Wearing the ideal footwear for every occasion is an essential element for a good workout, which is why it is highly demanded by consumers. Thanks to its popularity, the companies that are dedicated to its manufacture obtain annual sales that exceed sixty million dollars.

On the other hand, the evolution of Big Data allows obtaining and analyzing statistics and opinions of thousands of people. In this way you can find out which are the best fitness shoes that can currently be bought on the market and make it known to athletes.

What are fitness shoes?

Fitness shoes are designed for balance, stretching, strength, or aerobic workouts – activities that require the foot to flex and move at different speeds and in different directions. In addition, depending on the exercise to be performed, the shoes will have to be more reinforced by one or the other areas. Therefore, if the individual wants to avoid injury and achieve great performance, he must choose a good shoe.

Today there is a wide range of fitness shoes for men and women. That is why the athlete will have to find those that best suit their needs. It should be mentioned that these shoes provide better performance for lateral movements, so they are not recommended for running.

What types of fitness shoes are there on the market?

Currently you can find sneakers for the gym. These offer flexibility, lateral grip and cushioning making them ideal for gym, dance and cross-training routines.

In the event that the user performs Cross Fit, it is best to opt for suitable shoes for it. These will have to be more reinforced than gym shoes and will have a thinner midsole, which provides firmness and flexibility.

The shoes lift weights are usually made of leather and other materials pair resistant foot position. In order to provide greater stability, they usually incorporate a rigid platform under the heel. Its heel is higher compared to other shoes, thus protecting the Achilles heel and making squats easier for athletes.

As walking is a sport, there are also shoes made especially for it. The footwear used for walking has to offer breathability and comfort. That is why it is usually made of some synthetic material. For athletic shoes to be suitable for walking, they must offer great flexibility and cushioning.

These are the best fitness shoes today

The Nike Free Train Virtue have a good value for money. Besides that, they provide flexibility and comfort. Its sock-shaped design makes the ankle tighter.

The Reebok Legacy Lifter are ideal for those who perform weight lifting. These shoes, in addition to having a design that attracts a lot of attention, also have a robust structure, a double strap on the instep and a small unevenness that goes from the heel to the big toe.

Other fitness shoes that deserve to be highlighted are: Nike Metcon Repper DSX, Reebok CrossFit Nano & Flexweave, Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0, ASICS Lift Master Lite and Puma Ignite Flash evoKNIT.