Many people spend the last hours of the day exercising. If this is your case, take a good look at what you should have for dinner after training at night so that your body recovers, you sleep well and you wake up like new.

Going for a run or going to the gym after the workday is finished is a common practice and a good way to eliminate the tensions accumulated during the day, favoring the rest from exercising at night. Training at the end of the day is neither better nor better than doing it at any other time. It is a matter of preferences, but you must be clear about the ideal foods for after a night training, those that will help you regain strength avoiding heavy digestion and excess calories that would spoil all the work done.

What a post-workout dinner should be like

It is not at all advisable to do sports at night and go to bed on an empty stomach. After intense exercise, your glycogen stores are low and you have hours of sleep ahead of you in which you are not going to eat any food, while your energy expenditure will continue because your basal metabolism will remain active. After training at night, you have to eat something, but opting for a light and balanced menu that provides you with just the nutrients you need.

The premises on which a dinner should be based after exercising at night are:

1. Moderate amounts

Pure common sense. Choose a variety of dishes according to your preferences, but remember that this is not the main meal of the day and that, in this case, less is more. The amounts will depend on your physical characteristics and your body weight, the intensity of the exercise performed and also the diet you have followed throughout the day. Remember that the important thing is the balance between the nutrients you eat. To give you an idea, dinner should account for between 15% – 20% of your total daily calories. The quality of the food you eat is going to be more important than the quantity.

2. Proteins and carbohydrates

The two groups of macronutrients must be present in your post-workout dinner. The carbohydrates will serve to replenish the energy expended and the proteins will help recovery and muscle development. Both nutrients are essential to achieve the so-called re feed after training, but not all are worth:

“Carbohydrates should be more or less abundant depending on the objective you are pursuing and depending on the physical intensity performed. It is the same with proteins, they must be of quality. The choice of a protein shake full of simple sugars does not serve,” explains the nutritionist.

3. Fats

They are also necessary, but in the food for after playing sports at night. These must be controlled, of quality. A little salmon or a little avocado can be two good options, but as a general rule this food group compared to proteins and carbohydrates is less interesting after exercise. Choose to cook your food on the grill or steamed and forget about fried and pre-cooked meals.

4. Vitamins and minerals

Calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamins C and group B … are basic micronutrients that you will find in fruits, vegetables and vegetables and that will favor the optimal recovery of your whole organism after exertion.

5. Hydration

It is also important after playing sports at night. Remember to drink enough water before, during and after training. “At the end of dinner, an infusion of chamomile, anise, linden or green tea will help you better digestion as well as hydrate,” recommends nutritionist José Luis Díaz Cruz. If you prefer, a glass of warm milk with cocoa is also a good option. Never turn to sugary sodas, carbonated drinks, or sodas with sports marketing but full of simple sugars.

To have a menu completely adapted to your goals and needs, consult your dietitian-nutritionist, it is the most practical and safest solution to not fail in the exact foods that you personally need after your training.

Light menus for a drink after training at night

Do you want some examples of healthy, light and balanced dishes for dinner after training? The portal specialized in healthy eating and nutrition advice,, proposes an ideal menu to prepare the best dinner for after training. Plus, here are seven perfect ideas, one for each day of the week.

  • Monday: Mixed salad (lettuce, cabbage, arugula …) with diced ham or chicken breast, dressed with virgin olive oil rich in vitamin E.
  • Tuesday: Brown rice boiled with a slice of grilled salmon. Ideal if you have not taken carbohydrates at noon and with the “plus” of Omega 3 acid that fish provides
  • Wednesday: Vegetable stew with boiled egg slices. With the protein of high biological value of the egg.
  • Thursday: Grilled turkey breast, garnished with lemon and spices and accompanied by boiled potato.
  • Friday: Quinoa salad. The Quinoa is an ideal food for athletes. Accompany it with chopped vegetables (pepper, aborigine, zucchini, and onion).
  • Saturday: Vegetable broth (defatted) and brochette of monkfish and grilled prawns.

Sunday: Scrambled eggs with wild asparagus and baked sea bass.

If you want to try something different think about trying a Smoothie Diet